I had the chance to interview TT the Artist, a legend in the making in the Baltimore Club scene. As her name might suggest, she is an artist in just about every sense of the word. She makes music, she paints, she produces most of her visuals, and she’s an aspiring filmmaker. Balancing all of these art forms seems just about impossible, but she’s pulling it off and pulling it off well. Read below as I chat with TT the Artist about the state of music in Baltimore, where she’s been, and where she’s going.


I know that you’re originally from Florida, and have also spent a little time in New York. What is it about Baltimore that caused you to stick around?
I actually moved to New York after I graduated college. I spent 2 years living in New York doing what most aspiring artists fresh out of art school do: I was hustling. Workin’ three 9 to 5s and working as a freelance artist on the side. My life had got to a point where I felt like I never had time to nurture my own creative ideas because I was too busy trying to pay my expensive rent in my Brooklyn apartment. So, I decided to go back to Baltimore and reconnect with a good friend of mine and start an art business. At that time in Baltimore there was no real art scene. I took the New York hustle and state of mind and applied that to everything I was doing in Baltimore. I started doing live painting in night clubs, art exhibits and high profile events. My return to Baltimore also enabled me to focus on building my music and sound as performer. Baltimore is a great city for artists to nurture their craft. The city is affordable to live and small enough to connect with a lot of people who can help you with your career.

What drew you into Baltimore club music?
It was a natural transition for me. When I started taking music seriously, my sound was more urban and straight hip hop. I was performing at the spots where you really had to earn your respect like 5 Seasons and Eden’s Lounge Organic Soul Tuesdays open mic…both of these spots no longer exist but they where both places where you could build a local following. It wasn’t until 2009, when I met B-more club producer Mighty Mark formerly known as Murder Mark through pioneer club producer Samir who at the time was working on a B-more club album with Aaron Lacrate. Mark was a part of a production team called the Yo Boys and they were making some fresh B-more club tracks. They needed a female vocal for a track called “Let Me Show ’em.” I did my verse in one take and the rest was history. I’m from Florida and I grew up on Miami Bass music so I could hear the similarities in B-more club music which made it easy to adapt to the sound.

So what’s in the pipeline for you in 2016?
2016, I will be bringing nothing but greatness. I kicked of the year with several collaborations and features on projects with SindenHerveDJ Shiftee,AC Slater, and Baauer. I recently had the opportunity to perform at SXSW and Coachella which was epic. I dropped a remix EP called “Art Royalty Abstract” through Space Is the Place records and I am preparing for the release of my debut album “Queen of the Beat.” I will be touring this spring and summer to promote the album. This year is all about making moves. I plan to be everywhere I can be and to meet and connect as many dots as possible. I would like to bring the club culture to the major stages and platforms. Baltimore has a lot of talent and I think it’s time for the world to put the spotlight on the city.

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