After self funding my music video tour across the country. I see that if I really set out to do something and put the energy out into the universe...God will align the stars. This was no easy tasks and I poured ever bit of my resources into it. I came out strong and more inspired than ever to press forward with my other creative endeavors that have been in the incubator.

My next tasks will be to complete a film I set out to do 6 years ago #DarkCity: Beneath The Beat the rebirth stay tune. Working hard to put Baltimore club culture narrative on the big screen. I have partnered up with an amazing film crew and it's going down in the 410.

If you know of any grants or corporate companies that support funding for films that highlight the arts, women or black filmmakers please drop me an email or dm me.

Much love to all the people who supported this start up project 6 years ago. I wanted to come back and do Baltimore right and show the world the beauty beneath the beat from this bubbling city!

Stay tune.