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Directed, Edited and Produced By: TT The Artist Music Partnerships: Erica Forster, Jason Cienkus

Music: “DIG” by TT The Artist Produced By: Snappy Jit DIG Remix Produced By: Mighty Mark & Thunderbird Juicebox

Filmed By Revolutionary Studios Atl @Revolutionary_StudiosAtl Jamar Jones Six Point Pictures Jay Mastermind @jaymastermind Joey Malinski @atbproductions Jay Mastermind @jaymastermind mk bruix @mkbruix Toroes David Thomas Jr and Blayre Pichon @eltoroes @blayre_ Waasi Films Trinity Isle Productions @trinityisleproductions

Make Up Ashley Wallace @itshotchiick Stacee Mims @miss_mims

Wardrobe Sponsors FRS Shoes @FRSBmore Natalie Borraez @thatsnatt Stud Muffin NYC @studmuffinnyc @patricia_field

Mural Artist Jas 9 @Jas.nine Adam "Atoms" Fujita @Adamfu

Lead Dancers and Choreographers Atlanta Full Out Cortland @fulloutcourtland Shante 'Star' Byrd @starbarbie03 Baltimore @TSU_DanceCrew @TSU_Terry @TSU_Rum @TSU_Flash @BmoreThanDance Los Angeles Sayquon @JusBmore Keys Tommy The Clown Academy @TommyTheClown Casie "Tynee" GoShow @Bgirltynee Miami Daniela Fernandez @danifernandez2099 Melissa Martinez @meliimartinezz Amy Wise @amywise23 New Orleans Tamika Jett @Passiondancetam New York Neil Schwartz @thedradle New Jersey TJ Pye @tj_pye

Cameos Skip @gameovaskip The Robo Steve @therobosteve Dai Burger @daibuger Ash B @ashbsure Jack Nunz @JackalJyve Ivory Poison @ivorypoison DJ Exel @djexel

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