New Music Nezzy x TT The Artist "All Night" Produced By So Drove

On Spiraling–the debut EP from Inez Genereux's project Nezzy, out September 1st–contemporary electronic pop goes headfirst with 2000s emo aesthetics, rap production signifiers and raw, honest lyrics. The end result is a rare melding of styles (pop punk, club, rap) and emotions (fear, regret, confidence) that pushes and pulls into an angsty, uplifting whole.

"All Night," which features Baltimore club mainstay TT The Artist, sounds like the collaboration Avril and Peaches should've done in 2003, updated for 2017. "Nobody At All" coats mall punk in a hyper electronic slime–a lovelorn anthem for American rejects of all ages. The title track is a call to arms with a huge power pop chorus that recalls another era of guitar music without sounding in any way retro.

Aided by production and co-writing from LA producer So Drove, Spiraling is a strong debut from an artist whose venerability and strength shines through just as strong as the hooks that drive the songs.