Beneath The Beat is a documentary capturing the soundscape of the rising Baltimore city music scene by highlighting some of the most well known musical pioneers within the local community such as producers, recording artist, performance venues, djs, and local radio stations.

The sounds and influence of Baltimore club music and hip-hop can be heard throughout some of today’s billboard charting records. Major label artist and producers such as Will I Am, Kanye West, P. Diddy, MIA , and many more have kept their ears to the brewing streets of Baltimore city anticipating Baltimore club music as the next big musical genre to hit the world. Locally, producers such as Murder Mark , voted by the Baltimore Citypaper as “2010 Best Baltimore Club Music Producer,” is busy working in the studio and owning up to his current title as “the best”. While hate, drugs, violence, and death have become cultural associations of Baltimore city, Murder Mark along with other leaders in this movement deliver insight to the meaning and true essence of Baltimore Club music confronting the issues of a dark city and how music is the only escape.

Beneath The Beat features the raw and emotional voices of a city that has been robbed and overlooked by the mainstream music industry. Although, some artist are lucky enough to land a record deal Baltimore has yet to launch and stand on its own against other major musical genres and cities.
As we take a closer look into the private spaces, homes, basements, studios and laboratories of creation for these hip hop philanthropist we will explore the different sounds and origins of the heartbeat of Baltimore Club music and Hip Hop.