ROCK OFF SHAKE OFF: A Celebration in Baltimore Club
Saturday, Dec 8, 2012 3-6pm
$10 Admission

ROCK OFF SHAKE OFF: A Celebration In Baltimore Club

Is Baltimore Club Music dead? This is a question that many local and global audiences following the Baltimore Club Music culture have been asking. Some believe that since the passing of the legendary DJ K Swift, known for spinning and breaking some of the hottest emerging Baltimore Club tracks, the club music scene has died down.

On December 8, 2012 3-6pm, Artistland Productions will be hosting an event at Gallery 788 called "Rock Off Shake Off" a celebration in Baltimore Club Music and Dance Culture to highlight  and showcase the evolving culture of Baltimore Club andDANCE SHOWCASE
A MUST SEE! Witness with your own eyes the fast past moves and complex footwork of some of the hottest Baltimore Club Dance crews in the city! The Dance showcase features well-known Baltimore dance crews and their innovative Baltimore Club inspired choreography. The dance cypher will highlight some of the latest Baltimore Club dance techniques through raw one on one dance battles!   continue to spread the message  to the world  that "B'MORE CLUB IS ALIVE."

The event features a panel discussion featuring well-known djs, producers, dancers, party promoters, who have in one way shape or form supported and molded the Baltimore Club movement, a Baltimore Club Dance workshop, and a Baltimore Club group dance showcase and cypher.